Online shopping is part of everyday life in China


China’s online shopping market is not only the world’s largest, but also the most innovative. Many believe that China’s e-commerce sphere offers a glimpse of how the future of e-commerce will eventually look all over the world.

In China, almost anything can be bought online, from a luxury car to online courses, or even pet grooming services – the wealth of choice is inexhaustible.

Internet shopping has transformed daily life in China. People shop whenever they want, wherever they want, and have it express-delivered at minimum cost – in a matter of hours in larger cities. Advanced logistic networks utilising big data, cloud computing, smart robots and drone-based delivery ensure speedy delivery to almost anywhere in China.

Traditional shopping can be tedious and time-consuming in a hectic country plagued by traffic jams. With a growing percentage of Chinese people enjoying increased spending power, more and more people are doing their shopping online, which offers greater ease and convenience especially for busy urbanites. Geographical distance, too, is no longer a barrier.

Easy-to-use mobile apps and payment systems have simplified and fuelled the growth of online shopping. Online retail – or “E-tail” – is not only embraced by young, tech-savvy millennials, but also older generations. The number of over 60s actively purchasing goods and services online is expected to exceed 255 million by 2020.