New Opportunities In Digital Label Production

Labelexpo 2019 was an inspiring event for Memjet – and the industry as a whole. This year was the largest Labelexpo ever, with over 37,903 attendees from 140 countries attending the four-day show. Based on the size and scope of this year’s event, it is clear that the label and package printing industry is not just growing; it is thriving. In response to that growth, Memjet introduced its new DuraFlex technology at Labelexpo 2019. This modular, single-pass print solution combines the speed, simplicity, and affordability of Memjet technology with new attributes such as enhanced durability, A4 and A3+ widths in a four-color printhead, a high-speed data path, and modules that control all printhead functions. Together, these features give OEMs the resources to create a new breed of label printing solutions that meet the demands of a changing label market.

Yesterday’s Trends are Today’s Reality

There has been much discussion among industry leaders about the trends that are affecting label production. At Labelexpo 2019, we saw how these trends are becoming real for label providers, creating increased cost pressure on providers across the market. Much of that cost pressure comes from the increased demand for short-run labels. Today, as brands seek to use labels to create connections with consumers, demand for versioning and customization of labels is outpacing the traditional production of large volumes of labels. Moreover, as data drives marketing—and labeling—decisions, converters must be able to keep pace with quick response and turnaround times. Material costs are another factor. As print runs become shorter, the waste from make ready, as well as unused inventory, becomes a much higher percentage of the production cost per label. Finally, an aging workforce makes it challenging for providers to find employees who are skilled in the art of analog label production.