Artists Create Intimate Art Experience with Epson Laser Projectors


Artists Adrian Rasmussen and Ryan Uzilevsky were looking for a way to create an intimate art experience through 3D projection mapping to immerse individuals into a sense of amazement, wonder and peace.

They turned to Epson’s cutting-edge laser projection technology, combining projection mapping with intricate wooden sculptures to illuminate fine art pieces. Leveraging Epson PowerLite® L615U laser projectors, Rasmussen and Uzilevsky debuted their work at the 2019 Lightning in a Bottle Festival, with future plans for showings at various art galleries in New York, California, and Bali.

“Festivals and galleries involve high pressure environments, where often several thousands of people come to see what kind of mind-blowing display you have prepared,” said Uzilevsky, artist and CEO and creative director, Light Harvest Studio. “Our goal for this piece was to create a captivating experience in an intimate space. We started with our large-scale projection mapping techniques, and then scaled them down to create something more personal. The Epson projectors allowed us to showcase the art in the way we had intended without any hiccups or distractions from the technology – the projectors really became part of the art.”