DS Smith Donates € 50,000 to UNICEF


The future is the biggest present for children. In an innovative UNICEF project in Ivory Coast, the environment is relieved of plastic waste that turns into building bricks for schooling facilities.

This is how children get a chance of education. At the same time, families receive financial support and the health situation of children improves. DS Smith has therefore decided once again to make a donation to UNICEF via the DS Smith Charitable Foundation instead of sending gifts to customers.

Future prospects of millions of children in Africa are restricted, since they cannot attend school. One reason for that is that there are not enough classrooms. “Ivory Coast alone lacks several thousand schoolrooms,” stresses Wolfgang Schmid, Head of the UNICEF Fulda working group. “The kids who go to school often have to learn in entirely overcrowded classrooms, which significantly impairs their education opportunities.”