In 2020 tech like AI, 5G and hyperautomation will open up completely new IT possibilities


Our work and daily life is subject to continuous change fuelled by IT and technology. It is therefore essential to keep an eye on the topics that might be overlooked today but become a key driver for tomorrow.

Some trends come with longer lead-times, building on continuous success in their field, others have more of a sudden hype character and burst onto the scene unexpectedly.


In 2020, the dominant topic will be AI – no matter if it is the wider adoption and extension of applied fields of artificial intelligence, its implications for process automation or the smart city. Many businesses and applications will be boosted by AI services.

Faster 5G connection technology will push this development even further, as it enables the move of digital solutions into mobile networks. However, the user will remain at the crucial centre of all new tech trends. Due to the multiplication of touchpoints, easier access and supported programming, the user will be more in focus than ever.

Another decisive topic has been present for the last few years: concerns about digital ethics and data privacy will continue to be highly important and remain on the radar.