UPM’s Chapelle Darblay mill running at reduced rate, no news on potential buyer


UPM’s Chapelle Darblay newsprint mill will be sold or closed down next year.

But already now, the company is not producing at full capacity at the site, citing market-related reasons.

UPM’s Chapelle Darblay newsprint mill in France, which the company plans to sell next year, is currently running at a reduced rate. A UPM spokesperson confirmed that market-related downtime measures were taken from time to time at the site.

Market players in France told EUWID that the site has not been producing at full capacity for some time now and put the operating rate at about 50-60 per cent. Raw material suppliers also confirmed that the company is gradually scaling back its recovered paper purchases. Insiders do not expect that the mill will continue producing publication paper in the future, but rather believe the site might be transformed to make other products.