Luminescence Sun Chemical Security DSS Partnership Provides Augmented Reality Brand Authentication for Wyeth Nutrition (A Division of Nestle) Consumers


Luminescence Sun Chemical Security and DSS (NYSE American: DSS), two leading companies in anti-counterfeit and authentication technologies announced today that they have successfully launched their new Augmented Reality Brand Authentication solution in the Greater China Market on the behalf of Wyeth Nutrition’s infant formula brand, ILLUMA.

This engagement with an established leader in the infant formula category marks an important milestone for the collaboration between Luminescence Sun Chemical Security and DSS, whose products and solutions are used by governments, corporations and financial institutions around the world to defeat fraud, to help ensure authenticity and engage the consumer.

Tarun Malkani, Vice President & Category Business Head – Wyeth Nutrition commented, “For over 8 years our partners’ leadership and innovative technologies have given Chinese mothers using ILLUMA infant formula full assurance that the products they purchase from Wyeth are both secure and authentic. In addition, communicating with our ILLUMA moms through DSS’s smartphone applications has created a new level of personal consumer engagement. Since our July 2019 relaunch of ILLUMA in China, we have encapsulated a complete product experience that includes branding and cutting-edge digital authentication, creating a single application that excites and educates the consumer at the point of purchase and every time thereafter that they choose to interact with the tin at home.”

DSS’s proprietary Authentiguard authentication system with Augmented Reality technologies is embedded within the printed elements of the package (tin and box) with multiple points of authentication. This brand protection model prevents counterfeiting and tampering as it enters the Asian market, as well as providing exact detail about the product itself and how to use it from the consumer side, all using a smartphone app.

Luminescence Sun Chemical Security provides the security ink with a bespoke taggant, which is incorporated into the printed design on the packaging. This ink can only be authenticated with proprietary readers, which strongly contributes to the authentication process and overall security.