4 Eco-Friendly Brands With More Than Basic Packaging


For decades, the US has been sending the bulk of our recycling to China. Last year, they decided to no longer be a dumping ground for the world’s recyclable waste, essentially jamming the recycling programs in every country.

This ban on plastics and mixed paper (think: junk mail, magazines and office paper) has left waste companies scrambling. Now they’re telling towns, cities, and counties that there’s no longer a market for their recycling. So where does it all end up? Landfills.

Some companies have decided to take a stand on this war on trash. From no-waste bottles to plastic free packaging and recyclable cardboard boxes, we’ve found the brands developing better solutions and better packaging for a growing throwaway culture. They have integrated sustainability into their products as a design requirement. In a bid to help the planet, we rounded up a few of our favorites.