Web-to-Print Is Now More Exciting for Printers and Buyers


Printing technology has changed a lot over the past several decades; especially with the continued advancements in digital printing and finishing.

Those advancements include the ability to handle printing lesser volumes while still being able to profit from the work; a significant change from the economy of what we consider traditional offset printing.

With technology like we offer here at Scodix, not only can printers produce short-runs for smaller volumes of unique jobs from customers, they can also enhance them with a number of different embellishments such as textures, hi-gloss patterns, metallic inks, foil applications and glitter, just to name a few of the nine available enhancements.

Like printing, how we communicate with technology has also changed a lot over the last few decades. The internet becoming commercially available in the ‘90s charted a change for how we communicate, market, buy and sell. We now use the internet to navigate the Worldwide Web and purchase products such as printing. Web-to-Print has been gaining popularity as it lets people design, load and order printing right from the convenience of their office, home or while they are traveling.

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