Texen: A range of packaging solutions for responsible make-up


It’s a whole range of solutions for responsible make-up that Texen (PSB Industries) showcased at Luxe Pack Monaco. The new range is based on the 3R strategy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Texen’s new eco-designed R’Mascara boasts a 21% reduction in fossil resources and illustrates the “Reduce” strategy as well as the expertise of the Texen Lab and of the Texen Mayet factory. The Lab tests new materials, thus allowing the factory, whose technological expertise is recognized in the manufacture of mascaras, to scale up to the industrial stage when adopting materials sourced from post-consumer recycling (PCR). Thus, the cap and the mascara bottle are made in R-PET while the stem and the wiper are in PP-PCR. Supplied by Ponzini, the brush is based on polyamide fibres derived from castor oil.