3M Updates Board Structure


Forms Science, Technology & Sustainability Committee

The 3M Board of Directors has established a new committee to provide oversight of the company’s strategies related to research and development, commercialization, sustainability, environmental stewardship and other related activities. The Science, Technology & Sustainability Committee will help ensure 3M is building on its strong innovation capabilities while maintaining 3M’s high product stewardship standards.

“As a science-based company that relies on investments and capabilities in R&D, commercialization and sustainability for our success, this new Committee aligns with 3M’s strategic priorities and enables the Board greater focus and engagement on a critical element of our strategy,” said Mike Roman, 3M chairman and chief executive officer.

In addition to forming the Science, Technology & Sustainability Committee, the Board has ended the Finance Committee. The responsibilities of the Finance Committee will be managed by the Audit Committee and the full Board.