Lignin is here to stay


UPM’s BioPiva™ lignin is a 100% bio-based, renewable substitute for fossil-based materials.

Almost a quarter of the dry mass of each tree is lignin, which is separated in the pulp production process and traditionally used as bioenergy through incineration. New, innovative uses of lignin, however, offer an effective way of reducing environmental impacts of different industries and dependency on fossil materials.

UPM is a pioneer in decades-long research on the utilisation of lignin, in resins, adhesives, bioplastics and polyurethanes, for example.

Since autumn 2017, lignin has been used as part of the WISA BioBond gluing technology in UPM Plywood’s production. As of today, lignin can replace approximately two thirds of the phenol typically used in the adhesive – and the target is to further increase this proportion.

Mother nature’s complex gift
“Mother Nature has designed this material—its structure and the way it reacts—in a very complex way,” says Christian Hübsch, Director, Lignin Business, at UPM Biochemicals.