5 people practices that support digital transformation


Mondi’s Group Digital Transformation unit shares core practices to strengthen collaboration and effectiveness in digital transformations.

Mondi makes packaging and paper sustainable by design. In early 2019 we embarked on another sustainable design adventure: establishing a Group Digital Transformation unit – Mondi DX – to drive digital transformation.

With B2B customers in over a dozen industries, operations in 30 countries, multiple production processes, and 26,000 colleagues to bring along on the journey, Mondi DX has an ambitious and exciting challenge ahead.

One of the early learnings – no surprise here – is that meaningful collaboration across teams with different expertises and working cultures is an integral success factor. Here are five concrete approaches we’ve taken to support that:

Let the team do the hiring

Team members know which skills and personal strengths are needed to fill gaps – and which candidates truly have them. In Mondi DX, our team takes the lead in selecting and interviewing candidates, and our manager trusts our hiring recommendations. Hiring this way, we build a foundation for good understanding and relationships from the start. As a bonus, we’re building one of the most diverse teams we’ve ever been part of and this diversity generates better ideas and solutions for Mondi.