Wydawnictwo Jednosc: New Perfect Binder, New Gluing Process


Book specialist Wydawnictwo Jednosc, located in the Polish city of Kielce, killed two birds with one stone with its new Muller Martini Kolbus-brand KM 610.A perfect binder, which it plans to commission at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020.

First, the company – which was founded in 1917, closed by the Communists in 1947 and restarted as a traditional graphic company in 1990 – increased the efficiency of its softcover production. Second, the new perfect binder, which has a 20-station ZU 805 gathering machine, a 153.M three-knife trimmer and a KL 501 book stacker, also allows the company to prepare book blocks for hardcover production on a Muller Martini Diamant MC 60 bookline.

With the new KM 610.A, Wydawnictwo Jednosc can now use the two-shot gluing process as well.