A comprehensive database developed by Körber Digital simplifies the important process of obsolescence management in the mechanical engineering industry. The MBO group is now putting this solution to good use.

One major challenge in the mechanical engineering industry is that machines are becoming increasingly reliant on electronic vendor parts. The issue is that these components have short innovation cycles, yet users require a solution for replacement parts for decades to come. This is why mechanical engineers have to keep this development in mind when performing obsolescence management (OM). Experts request the current delivery status of an assembly from their suppliers during the development phase and work out replacement solutions in the event of product change or end-of-life notifications.

“However, these notifications are rapidly increasing, as the rate of development for electronic assemblies is so high,” explains Berthold Zinth, Supply Chain Manager at the MBO Group (based in Oppenweiler, Germany). The company is one of the largest producers of folding machines, innovative delivery solutions and peripheral devices. These products are used for the production of books and flyers in the printing industry and in book-binding workshops. “The amount of time and personal effort required for OM at our company has risen rapidly in the last few years. In the past, it always required more effort to respond to the situation at an early stage and to maintain an overview of everything. However, this is essential for our products, which have a long service life. This was the situation we were in, which is why we started looking for a comprehensive OM digitization solution. We found it thanks to Körber Digital,” states Zinth.