What Do Your Print Products Need? Digital Print Enhancements


Need is a strong word…does print really need digital print enhancements?

To answer that we should probably back up a little bit and define what we mean by digital print enhancements. If you aren’t familiar with Scodix or the capabilities of a Scodix digital enhancement press then you should be prepared for the excitement that is the latest generation of improved print. What is more is that it even has a proven knack for increasing the value of print and the amount that it can be sold for.

To define digital print enhancements, we are actually going to refer to another blog published here on Scodix.com: Be in the Top 10 Percent of Printers by Adding Scodix Digital Print Enhancements. In that article we leveraged the definition from Keypoint Intelligence:

“White ink, spot colors, fluorescents, and spot/flood coating. You could also extend that to capabilities to add foil, glitter, holograms and more inline with a digital print enhancement press.”