IEA: Why the world needs more modern bioenergy


Bioenergy usage must be quadrupled by 2060 to mitigate climate change. One key means of achieving this goal is to increase advanced biofuel usage in transport, advocates the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The IEA affirms that modern bioenergy has a key role to play in the fight against global warming and the transition to low-carbon energy. The IEA makes a strong argument in favour of sustainable biofuels in its recent Renewables 2018 report published last October.

Modern bioenergy refers to biomass use alongside modern heating technologies, power generation and transport fuels as opposed to traditional wood-burning methods commonly used for heating and cooking in developing countries.

Paolo Frankl, Head of the Renewable Energy Division at the IEA, notes that despite strong growth in wind and solar energy, modern bioenergy is the most significant form of renewable energy globally.

“It’s important to increase production of wind and solar energy, but modern bioenergy is an overlooked giant in the renewable energy field. Too little effort has been put into promoting its usage.”