Now that the fall tradeshows are mostly behind us, we had the chance to catch up with Memjet General Manager Eric Owen. We wanted to learn more about recent DuraLink developments – and what we can expect ahead of drupa.

There’s been much activity going on around DuraLink this year. Can you give us an update on what’s happening?

Eric Owen: Since its introduction, dozens of OEMs from a variety of print markets have engaged with DuraLink technology. The development process with this technology is a lengthy one, so we have many OEMs that are engaging in different steps in the process.

For example, some customers are just starting out with us, evaluating the technology and learning if it is right for them; customers who have formed teams and are actively collaborating with us to develop a press, and others who are just about the launch their products.

Right now, we’re up to 13 OEM partners that have submitted purchase orders, have purchased modules, and are or have built prototypes.

As these partners enter into the extended development process, they provide valuable insight into how DuraLink meets their needs and how we can make the technology even better.