CTP automation in the extreme


Frankfurt printer Zarbock uses a KODAK MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter with a KODAK Automatic Pallet Loader as a component of a highly automated CTP and plate logistics line


Ralf Zarbock, Managing Partner of Zarbock printing and publishing house, next to the new CTP line’s logistics system.

Zarbock, a printing and publishing house at home in Frankfurt (Germany) has red as its corporate color, yet the company is a model of green printing. Managing Director Ralf Zarbock and his 54 employees have been committed to ecological business principles since shortly after the turn of the millennium. Optimized production processes, resource conservation, recycled materials, and sustainable energy use have been top of the agenda for a decade and a half now. In the meantime, Zarbock has received numerous certifications and awards for production using eco-friendly materials, energy saving and recovery, carbon neutral printing, and special achievements in addressing the challenges of environmental protection.