Associated Media Publishing challenges Competition Commission’s price-fixing findings


Associated Media Publishing, one of the smaller companies named by the Competition Commission in its investigation into claims media companies were involved in price fixing and fixing trading conditions, is holding firm and refusing to pay the fine levelled by CompCom.

“The larger companies appear to have settled rather than fighting because of the level of the fine, but as a smaller company, the fine is disproportionately burdensome and we cannot afford to just pay the financial penalty the Competition Commission is seeking,” said Julia Raphaely, CEO of AMP.

The Competition Commission’s settlement terms, published in 2016, insisted on admission of liability; payment of a penalty of one percent of the company’s annual advertising turnover in 2016; provision of 25% bonus airtime for every rand of airtime bought by smaller advertising agencies (defined as generating R50 million or less per annum) for a period of three consecutive years; the contribution of an amount the equivalent of 0.036%, within three years, of its advertising turnover generated in the year ending 2016 to a Development Fund (which would be managed by the Media Development and Diversity Agency which would disburse funds to historically disadvantaged persons wanting a career in advertising); the removal of the requirement for security or guarantee required from smaller advertising agencies before placing advertisements with media owners; and cessation of the conduct.


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