Amazon patents cardboard boxes that can be turned into toys


Any child with an active imagination is familiar with the practice of turning disposable pieces of cardboard into thrilling tools of adventure. From playing house in an empty refrigerator box to swordfighting with the tubes inside used paper towel rolls, kids know how to get creative when turning trash into paper playthings.

And now it seems that Amazon is soon going to provide them with templates for further experimentation.

The U.S. Patent Office recently granted the Seattle-based ecommerce giant a patent for a perforated parcel shipping container that can be repurposed into children’s toys, ranging from a doll house to a rocket. Other patented images show how customers could cut on the dotted line and reassemble a cardboard box into an airplane, a monster truck or a sword and shield set. In addition to cardboard toys, there are also some more functional designs, including a tablet stand, a tote bag and a bookshelf.

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