Aerosint and InfraTrac unlock security opportunities with multi-powder 3D printing


Despite all the logistic benefits of additive manufacturing, including streamlined supply chains, reduced inventory needs and shipment costs, the technology introduces a set of new challenges related to security. Especially in industries where stringent qualifications are needed, security risks—including compromised or stolen part files—must be addressed through sophisticated authentication and protection processes.

As we’ve seen, a handful of companies have come up with software solutions that protect the intellectual property of the digital part. Fewer, however, tackle the issue of counterfeit 3D printed final products (though there are a number of research initiatives looking into how to embed protections into physical parts).

Today, anti-counterfeiting specialist InfraTrac and Belgium-based 3D printing company Aerosint have announced a partnership through which they will seek to improve security in the 3D printing process by combining the former’s novel taggant approach with Aerosint’s multi-material powder bed fusion process.

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