A-to-Z of Printing: “Q” is for “Quality Customization”— Fresh Ideas in High-End Product Personalization


In our ongoing A-to-Z series of cool products you can print on, we’ve shared a ton of ideas for printing on generic items like phone cases, golf balls, posters and everything in-between. In our latest A-to-Z post, we’d like to share some fab new ideas that illustrate the high-end specialty pieces that you might consider as exciting new products to add to your application list— unique and original items that graphics customization experts can charge top dollar for. 

New Ideas in Customized Electronics

Smart phone cases, headphones, pop sockets, power banks and other electronic accessories are all great ideas for UV flatbed printer owners who want to build their product offerings. However, with the rise in popularity of new wireless devices like virtual assistants, automated vacuums, portable projectors, smart doorbells, and other products, there is great potential in customizing more expensive electronic items that command high prices. 

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