A 3D printed exosuit for all your sci-fi needs


While it’s known by many names – exosuit, exoskeleton, hardsuit – the sci-fi nature of this idea is slowly seeping into the real world both as a real piece of tech, and as a really interesting novelty like this 3D printed prop.

Thingiverse user Roman13 is the behind this project and was kind enough to speak to us so we can find out how it was made.

They tell us that they got into 3D printing after being stuck at home after surgery with an old printer, some filament, and 123D Design to pass the time.

After a few smaller projects Roman13 and their brother (who gave them that old printer) decided to try to make something more substantial.

The design and planning part of the project took around 500 hours to complete, involving modelling work in 123D Design, lots of test printing and scouring various movies for inspiration.

See LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arturdziedzic/