4 Unique Ways to Spark Your Employee’s Productivity When They’re Running Low on Energy


Boost your team’s creativity and productivity with the right mix of challenge and support.

A new quarter means a fresh start, but for many well-intentioned leaders, familiar problems can give way to old habits. Hiring challenges, workplace conflicts, productivity drags — these time-sucking traps can distract leaders from becoming a source of energy and inspiration for the people they lead. 

Without requiring significant time or resources, here are four ways leaders can supercharge their teams in Q3 — and boost the way employees feel, grow, work and create all year long.

Develop a gratitude habit.

Research shows that the simple act of expressing gratitude can literally change the way we feel. In one study, participants who spent ten weeks writing just a few sentences about things they were grateful for experienced greater optimism about their lives. Not only that, they also engaged in healthier behaviors, like exercising more regularly and getting more sleep.

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